Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here Comes the Judge

So, everyone is judgmental, fact. You are judgmental, your mom is judgmental, and, yes, perhaps most shockingly of all, I am hella judgy. We all assess the world, every moment of every day, whether to ascertain if that seat is clean, or in fact a place to sit at all. We determine what to wear and what we think of celebrity’s hair. It is how we understand and function in the world.

So why are we all down on judgment? Judgmental is not a kind thing to call someone (even though I just did – sorry, friends, but the truth hurts). It implies that we value the idea of not assessing the world we live in. A live and let live kind of spirit.

But what are the actual examples of that? How is dictating someone’s personal life or someone else’s spending priorities non-judgmental? I know what you are thinking, “but inconsistent blogger, I am correct. My views are validated by a higher power than you or my ideological opponent.” Notice my vagaries because I could be talking about right-wing, conservative nut job, or left wing hippie nut job? Yeah, I don’t think there are a ton of people who go around purporting and actively fighting for beliefs they think are fundamentally wrong. Sure, there’s probably that one guy that had it rough in school, or whatever, and makes every day opposite day. BUT, I think it is fair to assume, that most people, most of the time, are doing what they think is right. They are working for what they judge to be right.

So, if we all think we are doing the right thing, wouldn’t it be a reasonable assumption that those people who aren’t doing what you are doing are incorrect? Yes, it is also a reasonable assumption that you should perhaps analyze your world view and not leap to criticizing others, but what are we, saints? No, we are judgey, judgey freaks. So lay off, man.

Sorry, kids, I’ll be better next time.