Monday, January 5, 2009

Change Like We Used To

A gloomy peace this Monday brings...and news of some homegrown political activism. Our soon-to-be president (which I will rant about sooner or later) as spent his inter-election-inaugural period soliciting the views of the people. He claims he would like a participatory public/government relationship. So, let's call his bluff, shall we?
There is a petition you can sign asking the president-elect to include the arts in his stimulus package - 1% of the package to be precise. We, artists and art-enthusiasts, are not a couple of hippie freaks. We are a major constituency contributing real dollars and jobs, in addition to our immeasurable cultural impact. Don't believe me? Read this article in the Boston Phoenix from last year.
So, sign the petition already!


w0lf said...

I don't think the participatory politics angle is much of a bluff to call. I think petitioning the govt to spend 1% of the stimulus package on arts is the exact type of populous participation that is being sought out. I think its a great petition!

Turg Talker said...

I think you misinterpret me. I think it's one thing to ask for people's opinions, for people to participate. I think it is wholly another to actually listen to them. I think it's a little early to say where he is. Sorry this is a million years old, also.

w0lf said...

Well I guess I was mostly curious at the framing of the petition as "calling a bluff", which connotes for me both an adversarial and distrustful interpretation of the situation as opposed to something more investigative and objective. You know me, I over-parse and nitpick a lot, and inject my own subjectivity in the where and how I nitpick. So yeah... take that how you will.