Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In Defense of Dramaturgy, Part 1

In a scant few hours I will begin infecting young minds with the art of dramaturgy. As I prepare for the class, and reread all the sordid history of the subject, I am reminded of the shear breadth of the discipline. Some of the earliest uses of the word incorporate the varied aspects of theatrical production into non-theatrical contexts (see Jewish War by Josephus, 75-9 ce). Granted, the uses of the term are not always...complimentary. Nor do they encompass the many tasks of the contemporary American dramaturgy. But, it is this very vagueness, openness that has always attracted me to the field. I think over the next few weeks, I will share what I have learned from class, and what I have imparted on them. A new, ongoing series, if you will, to defend the likes of dramaturgy.

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AM said...

I enjoyed reading your entry and think you'll find my blog interesting for a few reasons. One among them is I graduated with my BFA from Boston U. in 2005. I don't keep up with the scene there at all but look forward to keeping track via your blog. Perhaps you'll know some of my references but if you're interested in keeping up with an international voice in the debate around dramaturgy you may peek in from time to time. All the best!